About Your Coaching Hours

Thanks for signing up for coaching with Doug Lipman!

Whether you purchased 30 minutes of coaching or a package of 22 hours, 
all my coaching works the same way.

This page gives you an overview of:

  1. Where will your coaching happen?
  2. How to schedule your sessions;
  3. What features come with your purchase of coaching time;
  4. What to expect during your coaching sessions.

Where Will Your Coaching Happen?


We have lots of choices!

In-person choices:

  • Come to my office in Massachusetts; or
  • Meet me at a conference or workshop where I'll be presenting

Distance choices:

  • Telephone
    I can call you, to avoid long-distance charges on your end.
  • Skype
  • Go To Meeting
    Allows video and/or audio like Skype, but no software download is necessary.
  • Or any other internet-based method we might both find convenient.

How to Schedule Your Sessions


A. If you haven't already, purchase some coaching time (an individual half-hour or hour—or a bundle of hours) from my store.

Note: Some products, such as the deluxe versions of the Storytelling Workshop in a Box, the Beginning Storytelling Toolkit, or the Image Riding Toolkit come with 30-60 minutes of free coaching.

B. Email me or use my contact page to let me know approximately when you'd like your first session.

E.g., "I'd love to start next week; I am free Monday and Wednesday mornings" or "I want to start in three months," etc. 

C. We'll exchange emails until we've found a time that works for both of us.

D. We can schedule several sessions in advance, or take a moment at the end of your first session to schedule the next one.


What features come with your coaching time?


Full Guarantee

1. Full guarantee! If you are not delighted with the coaching you get, I will refund your full payment. (By the way, no one has ever wanted this refund!)


Free Recordings

Free audio or video recordings of your sessions, for you to keep! With your permission, I will record our call, then email you a link to the downloadable recording, usually later the same day. Download and listen at your convenience!

So there.


Minute Billing

I will convert the number of hours in your bundle into minutes, then subtract only those minutes you actually use on each call. This means your 5-hour bundle is really a 300-minute bundle.
Example: If you start with 300 minutes and your first call is 43 minutes long, you'll still have 257 minutes left to use!


Convenient Scheduling

You and I will schedule your coaching sessions at our mutual convenience—regardless of your time zone or schedule. We'll schedule the first call by email; after that, we'll set up future sessions while on the phone.

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Never expires

No need to worry about losing your coaching time. The coaching time you bought has no expiration date.


What to expect during your coaching sessions


My goal in coaching is to help you achieve your goals.

If you're not clear on your goals, I will begin by helping you clarify them. 

If you're working on a story, I'll want to hear the story, of course. (If you want me to listen to a recording or read a script, I'm happy to do that. My time doing that, of course, counts as part of your coaching.

If you're working on a large project, on marketing yourself or an organization, on perfecting your storytelling skills, or on adjusting to the needs of a new audience or market, I will work to help you discover what you have to offer and your unique ways of offering it.

You can expect me to:

  1. Listen to you intently
  2. Notice and comment on what was effective or inspiring in what you say
  3. Focus on your strengths, because they will be the foundation of your success
  4. Help you improve whatever is not helping you to achieve your goals; this may include the building of additional strengths!

My principles of coaching include:

  1. You can succeed at your goals. 
    I believe that skills are learned, not inborn. My job sometimes includes helping you to increase your skills as needed for success in your chosen goals.
  2. You are smart and creative.
    Any failure to show access your inborn creative intelligence is just an indicator of an obstacle you have not yet overcome. "Inborn talent" is a harmful concept, because it distracts you from trusting your abilities while developing any skills you haven't yet learned.
  3. You have unique ways of learning, seeing the world, and telling stories.
    My job, then, can include helping you to discover your unique point of view, abilities, and desires.
  4. It will help your creative intelligence flourish, to have your unique strengths noticed and reflected back to you.
    Most of us have been treated too much like interchangeable parts that need to be filed down to fit a single mold; we need to continuously discover and learn to trust our precious uniqueness.
  5. You are the final judge of what you want to achieve. You must seek to achieve it in a way that makes sense to you.
    In other words, I assist you in achieving your goals in your way; I am a midwife, not a co-parent.  

Want to learn more about my approach to coaching?

Describes the principles and steps of supportive storytelling coaching, with examples from actual coaching sessions.