The Storytelling Workshop in a Box - online monthly version

from $11.95 per month

This "master course" in storytelling consists of 37 audio recordings, plus written exercises to do (and you can post them on the private website).

The Deluxe edition also includes written transcriptions and a certificate for one hour of free, individual telephone coaching - whenever you want it!

The monthly version gives you online access to a new lesson each month, in either the Regular or Deluxe edition. You can cancel at any time, and you retain unlimited access to all the lessons you have paid for.

Your choices include

1. The monthly online version, in either the Regular or Deluxe edition.

2. The monthly online version, Deluxe with Starter Kit. The Starter Kit gives you the first 6 lessons right away, to jump start your learning (and access to another of the remaining 31 lessons, one a month).