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The Soul of Hope - download

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"A fascinating story of Jewish spirit and myth...a Hasidic tale about combating despair, finding hope, and transforming the world. It's a spiritual adventure and a Jewish mystical epic." - Bruce McCabe, Boston Globe

The great Jewish mystic, the Baal Shem Tov, found the Gates of the Forest, rediscovered the sacred fire, learned the ancient prayer, and, for the first time in nearly two millenia, spoke the ineffable Name. 

Now, we have nothing left but the story. Can that possibly be enough? 

"It will touch somewhere deep within you and leave you a slightly different person." - Lee Sonko, Massachusetts

"Universal appeal...directly out of the storytelling tradition of Jewish life." - Kansas City Star

"As a Christian minister I fight the platonic idea of many of my colleagues that this world is to be forsaken for another realm. To search for the Divine sparks among us is a better way to live as humans....Gives hope to the story and to me personally." - Pastor Kent Busman, Scotia, New York

"An inspirational tale!” - The Boston Herald

 "The first time I heard the Soul of Hope, I thought it was about the Baal Shem Tov. The second time I heard it, I thought it was about Doug Lipman. The third time I heard it, I knew it was about me." - Marni Gillard, Schenectady, NY

"Explores the human dilemma of wanting to change the world while feeling inadequate to the task." - Boston Sunday Globe

When I first heard the germ of The Soul of Hope, I never thought I would tell it. I only knew it was a story I had to hear again and again. It spoke to some deep yearning; it stimulated a dormant but eager part of myself.

I spent the next 13 years grappling with the issues the story brought up in my life, and the artistic issues of presenting this story to others. 

The story, as I now tell it, is an epic. It takes place in heaven and on earth. It has dozens of characters. The main action spans seven generations, with flashbacks to the beginning of time. 

But to me, The Soul of Hope is the most succinct way that I know to accurately portray the balance between two apparently contradictory truths: 1) We are not yet all that we are meant to be; we are not fully capable of the task before us. 2) But what we do matters enormously; and there is hope. 

"This is a story which speaks to Jew and Gentile, to any listener who has sought and questioned, erred and succeeded, stayed alone in the darkness, then emerged to tell the story, whatever that story might be." - The Second Story Review

The recording of the Soul of Hope is a full-length performance in two acts, complete with musical interludes. Total running time: 2 hours, 13 minutes. 
Available on two CD's or as an mp3 instant download.

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