The Beginning Storytelling Toolkit - online monthly version

from $14.95 per month

A Complete Storytelling "Course-in-a-Box" for Absolute Beginners.

Eight hours of recorded lessons and coaching calls, plus exercises. The Deluxe Edition adds complete transcriptions as well as a certificate for a free 1/2 hour of 1-on-1 coaching (via phone, Skype, or in-person). 

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What Suits Your Needs?

You can choose the Monthly online option on this page, which minimizes your up-front costs. (Your credit card will be billed monthly, but you can cancel at any time; you will retain access to everything you paid for.)

Would you prefer the Complete online versions, which gives you access to the entire toolkit at a reduced rate? You'll find it here.

Or would you prefer the Complete physical version, which includes the entire toolkit on 8 CDs and 150 pages of transcriptions, exercises, and handouts, all in an 11.5 inch by 11 inch notebook, for easy physical reference? You'll find it here.